Twins and Multiple Hoops Sale!

twins and multiple hoopsFrom now until I change my mind I would like to give each purchase a free floband  – kind of a super non tech soft hoop which can be used for solo or partner stretching and dance, and can also be used as a hoop if you are skilled enough!

THEN – would like to offer multiple hoops: (for yourself or you can organize a group sale)

1 hoop Hard PP 398.00
2 hoops Hard PP 365.00 each
3 hoops Hard PP 355.00 each
4 hoops Hard PP 345.00 each

1 hoop Medium PP 385.00
2 hoops Medium PP 350.00 each
3 hoops Medium PP 340.00 each
4 hoops Medium PP 330.00 each

1 hoop HDPE 373.00
2 hoops HDPE 340.00 each
3 hoops HDPE 330.00 each
4 hoops HDPE 320.00 each

and if you buy/sell 5 hoops for the standard price you get the 6th one free (enter 6 as the quantity for purchase).

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