Intermediate 3 reset move

0:00-1:39 description of resetting a quiver and reset move in quiet quiver. NOTE: in the video it says to wait for the color confirmation of the quiver before starting the reset move. It may work better to wait till the end of that color confirmation, or even at the very start of the actual hoop display in the quiver, before starting to shake the hoop.

1:40 – 3:00 reset in the kix quiver NOTE: at around 2:40 I do a reset move by turning the hoop vertical after the orientation color appears – you don’t have to turn the hoop vertical, it may actually work better to do the shake reset move in the same orientation of the quiver – in this case horizontal. Try it both ways if you like. If you are in the horizontal orientation of the kix quiver and you do turn the hoop vertical to shake it, be careful to wait till the confirmation color has appeared before you turn the hoop vertical, or you might reset another quiver.

3:07 – 4:54 reset in the 9 pack. NOTE: similar to the above, you don’t have to change orientations to the vertical to do a reset move. Try the reset move in the 9 o’clock orientation.

4:54 – 6:40 Doing a reset because you want to clear a setting, in this example the hoop is locked and I want to unlock it. NOTE: the LOCK move shown will be demonstrated thoroughly in the next video – “signal moves” and the tutorial document.

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