Intermediate 7 quivers

psikohoop intermediate level tutorial: learning the orientations in the psikohoop, the color confirmations for each quiver

0:00 navigating to the second learning hoop in the quiet quiver

0:40 LOCK that hoop

1:00 -5:26 going through the 6 orientations and their color confirmations.

5:26 importance of having a mirror

5:50 UNLOCK hoop

6:10 practice in the segmented learning hoop –show the GLOBAL RESET move

7:20 Go to 6 o’clock orientation/red/compose mode to demo the global reset

9:36 – 12:30 SAVE a hoop to show its erased by global reset move NOTE: I failed to demo more of the segmented training hoop and how you can learn signal moves with it by looking at the segment colors as you do the signal move – check out the tutorial doc for this.

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