Intermediate 8 Navigation Use of Hoops

psikohoop intermediate level tutorial: navigating in packs and quivers in the psikohoop. Using the different hoops in different ways

0:00 flips- to show speed and smoothness that makes the flip move work best

0:20 navigation, using 9 pack as example. NOTE: when I say “backflips” I have the hoop oriented for a side flip so what I actually meant was a back side-flip. 3 consecutive side flips takes you to the next quiver in the 9 pack. 3 consecutive back side-flips will take you to the previous quiver, and then each additional side flip will take you to the following quiver.

1:30 go to the magical effects quiver in the 9 pack, starts with hoop that changes colors with angle…navigate to the hoop that fills with rotation or angle change

2:55 color flip move on that hoop

4:20 LOCK that hoop

4:40 SAVE that hoop to the middle slot of the second saved quiver. Navigate to that hoop.

6:15- 6:30 another plug/encouragement to use a mirror

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