This means that you have 2 switches so you can turn on 2 separate chains of LEDs in the hoop, and have them either on their own or combined, so making 3 different looks. You need at least 6 LEDs on a chain to give enough light, unless you are going for a special look/feel. The LEDs on each chain are spread somewhat evenly around the whole hoop, so with only one circuit on, the whole hoop is still lit.

Another way to use the 2 circuits is to have each switch control a separate part of the hoop…usually ½ and ½ or 1/3 and 2/3 …. And this works best for small hoops doing poi style moves . The hoop leaves very interesting trails and patterns in this configuration, especially when you have a pair of them. So you can have say 1/3 of the hoop lit, with its own light scheme, or the other 2/3 lit or the whole hoop lit. Each area of the hoop can have its own LED layout. Or in a RICA hoop say the red and yellow and orange could be on one circuit and the other colors on the other circuit.

I think that with the new 3D LED hoops its essential to have 2 circuits because those LEDs are too intense for long lit flight times and you need to be able to turn them off and have something more mellow on the other circuit. The second circuit costs $40 and doesn’t include extra LEDs, so if you buy a 16 LED hoop with 2 circuits each circuit would have 8 LEDs on it. ( Or you could specify different numbers on each circuit, like 12 on one and 4 on the other, or 9 on one and 7 on the other, or 3 on one and 13 on the other etc, as long as the total is 16) This could be 12 and 12 or 16 and 8. But the more LEDs lit the brighter the hoop so in ambient light a circuit should have a minimum of 12 LEDs to give sufficient brightness for performance.

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