Please note that we offer hoops with two circuits.
You can choose 12, 16, 18, 20, 21, and 24 LEDs in your set. All of our LEDs are listed on this page.

IMPORTANT!! 24 LEDs is the suggested maximum total number in a regular Psihoop. I suggested 24 LEDs max in the hoop because of space between LEDs, lit time and battery power but you could have more than 24 LEDs if you like, especially in a hoop that is larger than 35 diameter. I have used up to 36 and that worked fine. It also depends on which LEDs you get, because they draw different amounts of power.
The steady LEDs use the least, and so the hoop will stay lit longer with these, and you can have more of them in the hoop, perhaps even up to 40. The next best LEDs in terms of power consumption are the 3D and then dragonfly and finally the fades, especially the three color fades which seem to use the most power.
LED chart and information

You have the option to separate your set of LEDs onto two circuits. Each circuit has its own on/off switch and can be turned on or off at any time.
You can put warm colors on one circuit and add cold colors to the second. The options are limitless.

We recommend placing strobes on a second circuit so they can be turned off, some people find them a bit disorienting.

note that Steady LEDS have a $1 surcharge because they take longer to place onto the circuit.

All orders include a charger. You can order an extra charger with your order. A replacement charger is $12 (includes shipping in the USA) and can be ordered independently at this link. link to purchase international charger | $20 or place a Custom Order

The extra circuit will cost $40, and note that price does not include the extra LEDs.
( Anything less than 8 on one circuit wont give you very much light, but can give different effects, especially in very low light or totally dark conditions. )

Instructions for use and Warranty (NOTE this is important and you have to read it before using, otherwise you may void the warranty) A copy of the instructions comes with the hoop, but you can download them for your reference.

Maintenance info: see the above instructions.

They all have a small external sliding switch.

JUGGLERS: I can make custom hoops of any diameter.

For multiple orders with a special discount, alternate shipping options, overseas shipping, and accessories please use the Custom Orders page

Custom Orders - for any orders not covered by the above, or if you find yourself confused by all the choices...