You get to order a custom psikohoop through an auction. Your custom hoop will be made and shipped USPS priority within 5 days of our getting your specs.

Reason we are having an auction is that we are just now completing the last of the 70 plus preorder sales.  Those were delayed because of engineering issues and problems with the manufacture of some of the key parts, but that is sorted now. It has taken years of R&D and huge personal investment of time and money to produce this new hoop.  So the auction will limit the amount of orders for another week or so.

The auctions will happen every day, first auction ends sunday 18 October…..until we open general sales.


If you have the highest bid in an auction, you can choose what size psikohoop you would like, from 24 inches to 38 inches (outside diameter). Pick the smallest size you will be comfortable with and if you choose larger sizes, make sure you can do the flip move with a hoop that large (see FAQs and videos). The tubing will be HDPE.  If you want medium or hard PP then there will be an extra charge of $30 because of the much longer assembly time required. (Sandblasting the inside of the tube, baking the tube in oven etc). You can also choose the amount of sanding (click here for option descriptions). We will work with you following the close of the auction to determine the optimum specs for you.

To see a demo of the new psikohoop, or to view the tutorials, visit thehomepage. More information on these new hoops can be found on theFAQ page.  and check out the testimonials which are starting to arrive as of may 2015, and the FaceBoook page.

NOTE: This hoop is new technology, and all menus and control of the hoop displays are navigated with movements. Some people will thoroughly enjoy this, but it takes a while to master, and the learning curve can be steep, especially if you want to dig into the more advanced features.

Read This Before Bidding