Psihoops now uses over 50 different kinds of LEDs and half a dozen kinds of tubing. You will find more information about these on the purchase page links. Below are some examples of early psihoops. You could still have your hoop made to these specs by ordering, for example, all dragonfly LEDs.

Mixing types of LEDs is useful for contrast and variety, and does not cost extra. Price is determined by total number of LEDs and number of circuits.

Rainbow Rider
Mainstay hoop. Looks best at moderately high speeds. LEDs vary flashing speed, color and duration of flash, blinking and rapidly fading, making a frenetic blaze of colors. Doesnt stay in sync with other rainbow LEDs.
Mirrored studio rainbow riders
Works best with high-speed hooping. Almost white when stationary. Leaves multi-colored trails when moving.
Annah with dragonfly
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Elfin Ring
Most suited to a slower hooping style. The colors slowly fade from one hue to another. Doesn't stay in sync so you get all differernt colors in the hoop. People love to look at it even when you're not hooping.
Cristabel with elfin ring
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Power Switch
Included on each hoop. Tiny switch is recessed for comfort. Turns hoop on and off.