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Dear Mark Cuban,

The images in the two folders above are unenhanced photos of my hoops called psihoops. (The images have been resized, cropped and in a couple cases collaged together but otherwise not changed or edited).

I thought you might be interested in using these hoops for entertainment/promotion of your basketball team.  I could of course make new customized patterns, words and logos for you.

All the hoops that I currently sell have had a maximum LED count of around 100, though I have recently developed a hoop with 4 times that density, which produces much clearer images and words. The pictures are from this new HD hoop.

So far I have not shown these new HD hoops to any other potential buyers, nor to the general public.  I thought of you because of the basketball team, Shark Tank, and your interest in LED gloves.

I was the first person to make and sell LED hoops, back in 2006, and have a couple patents on them.   Claim 1 of the second patent includes “…wherein the image flashes or patterns comprise at least one of pictures, letters, and symbols.”

Filed on Jan 31, 2006……..US 8,342,901 B1…..US 2013/0225037 A1   and 9,370,727 B2 …. issued Jun21, 2016

Starting in around 2009 many people have copied me.

The hoops can be thrown, rolled, whirled, bounced etc.  They are durable.  As you can see in the videos they can be made waterproof.  Group choreography could be impressive.

I set out some 20 years ago to make a high tech communication device with no screen, no keyboard and no mouse/pad/joystick. The psihoops are a result. Everything is done with movement.

The hoop could be developed into a wireless control wheel, with much broader applications and target audience.

I would be interested in collaboration with you to develop and market these instruments.

Thanks for your consideration,

Patrick Deluz

Owner/inventor, psihoops.




Note these videos below are not the HD version of the hoop, but just here to show a glimpse of psihoop magic.

this one is 1 minute and shows the possibility of syncing the hoops.

this one is 2 minutes and shows the hoops in water and some clowning around.



this one below is 8 minutes long and shows me demoing some of the features of a psihoop. This is a smart hoop with dozens of modes, menus and settings, and thousands of displays.

The HD hoop can be made far simpler in its controls, so that someone could learn the necessary functions in a few minutes.  Please note that I am not a hoop performer, though I enjoy playing with this hoop / wheel.