psikohoop team pictures
selections from psikohoop photoshoots
adelaide sunset rock pools

Adelaide rocking a psikohoop at the beach in san diego 2016

quiet quiver

hoops in the quiet quiver have gentle LED effects yet still create very interesting trails and feedback

geometries in the psikohoop

from the bitmap quiver in the 9 o'clock orientation of the psikohoop,

added in 2017

amanda and friends outdoor shoot july 2016

outdoors in Asheville, NC

some synchronized hoops and group hooping and trails

Hoop performers:

Airia Anton

Melanie Paulos @saturnsunhoops

photographers  psihoops

and Taylor

taylor is tazdigital on twitter and facebook

images from the psikohoop

words, symbols, logos, images, the psikohoop painting in space

chika and the psikohoop in Vegas

Chika performing in Samba Competition with psikohoop.
Also around town afterwards, with Shino.  2016

psikohoop trails

an eyeful of trails

from the motion responsive smart hoop

roxanna indoor shoot

photoshoot with Model: Roxanna Redfoot (@roxannaredfoot/@homelyhooper) of The Campbell Agency (@campbellmodels)

 Photographer: Jeremy Shelby (@jshelbyphoto)
Hair & Make Up: Leslie Belcher (@leslie_belcher5)

 Styling: Geovany Martinez (@geovanym)

collages of hoops from different quivers

around 20 hoops to a picture, taken from various quivers

amanda in the hangman scene

from production of Tarocco, Fox and Beggar Theater

Hoop performers:     Airia Anton    Melanie Paulos @saturnsunhoops

synchronized hoops

amanda playing with synchronized twins on the water.  The hoops are shuffling/autocycling in sync with each other.  You can set the shuffle to a custom beat.  Check out the video.

psikohoops in the water

a simple procedure will waterproof the psikohoop completely.

Needs some simple tools and materials, you can ask by email 

see also the video.

details of trails from quiet quiver

close up view of some of the trails from the hoops in the quiet quiver

psikohoop in a tunnel

Amanda and Lyca with psikohoops in a tunnel

twin hoops

using twin hoops in the saved quivers of the psikohoop

trails that look like large bubbles

these pics here show some trails that are globes of light and remind me of very large bubbles reflecting patterns

there is a separate gallery which shows the psikohoop actually being used as a bubble wand to blow giant bubbles...

psikohoop as bubble wand

with the waterproofing kit and a smaller psikohoop you can blow ginat bubbles that reflect the lights and patterns of the hoops.  This one I made with an integrated handle but you could improvise a temporary handle.

lyca and amanda in asheville

some pics from various shoots around asheville in 2016