The Psikohoop has no buttons (except for the on/off/lock membrane switch), joystick, or keyboard. All menus, modes, settings and functions are controlled through movement! It can produce hundreds or more different displays. Simple images, words, and symbols appear in space! You can lock any display you like, save it for later use, modify its color, pattern, effect speed and more! Psikohoops can be set to change to any beat you like, all done with movement.

This page is a fast and easy way to order a Psiluzion hoop. We have already preselected our most popular options for you. You just need to select one of the 4 options under hoop size, select how many you want, and add to cart/checkout. You get a $30 discount on each hoop ordered this way.
For more options on your hoop, any variations in terms of size, tubing type, sanding, logos and further customization: Go To This Page
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