Thank you for your interest in a psihoop.

I make each hoop by hand to your individual specs, so there are many options. You get to choose the size of the hoop, the type of tubing, the weight range, the number and types of LEDs and their layout around the hoop, etc. The advantage to this is that you get a personalized hoop that is actually a unique art piece.
Custom Order Page

If you don't need so many options and want to order in the simplest possible way, with a slight discount.... go to this page


If you are in a hurry or on a tight budget, its also possible to purchase one of the many hoops I have made for demo or special project. For example I made 50 hoops recently for the mandala project at hoopcamp 2011 and they are available to buy at a large discount. You can ask me about these.

NOTE: Regular hoop orders take from three days up to three weeks to finish. This varies day by day and week by week so please check with me if you have a deadline.


Here are some prices:Note that although my prices may be higher than those who have copied me ( meaning all the other LED hoop makers!!) you usually get what you pay hoops are the price they are because they are all made with great care and the best materials and with devotion to the trade and skill of the hoop, and they each take around 5 hours total to make.

A basic one circuit hoop with 16 LEDs is $270.
With 12 LEDs it is $250
With 24 LEDs it is $310

For additional LEDs add $5 each. Steady LEDs ... (that don't blink or fade or strobe) ... are $6 each.

A second circuit is $40. ( You don't have to have a second circuit to mix different types of LEDs, but having two circuits gives you the possibility of 3 different looks in your hoop and of saving battery juice by having less LEDs lit)

Ground shipping to the USA is $30. To Canada its $35. To most other countries is around $45.

Shipping is added to your total on checkout for USA and Canada, but I will have to bill you separately for other countries after I get your order. Please note that you are responsible for any import duties and clearance fees, and these vary from country to country"