Warranty - (download the warranty as a word document)

I am offering a 6 month warranty with the hoop from the date of purchase. The hoops are tested thoroughly before shipping. If there is obvious damage to the hoop when it arrives please immediately notify me at merlin@psihoops.com or 619 921 3544, and we will sort it out with the mail carrier. The hoops are individually handmade. The LEDs have ICs on them, and there is also a lot of soldering and delicate adjustments to the internal switches and so on. So although the hoops are made to withstand a lot of bumps and speed and heavy usage, problems may develop. You should keep your receipt and it will be easier if you have the original box. Note, as of July 2010 I will no longer warranty the tubing. I have had too many people misuse the hoop and then expect me to do all the work to replace the tubing and rebuild the hoop for free. I have used these tubings for over 4 years and test 20 of them out 2 or 3 times a week, in public venues, and none of my hoops have ever cracked or kinked unless stepped on, slammed into concrete, or had other strange accidents. To replace tubing will normally cost $45 for a single circuit and $50 for a 2 circuit hoop..

You will have to pay the shipping, but I will repair the hoop for free provided that you:

a/ haven't obviously abused the hoop by bending it too far, twisting it in half or squashing it with something, immersing it in water, leaving it in a sun-baked car and so forth

b/ haven't opened the hoop itself or snapped off the charging port, etc.

c/ haven't used the wrong charger or one intended for a different voltage, or used the charger with the wrong settings (e.g.voltage set above 7.5V)

d/ haven't curled the hoop up too tight for transport/mailing etc…(below 26” diameter for 1” tubing and 22” diameter for ¾” tubing)

i.e I will repair or replace it for six months if it fails under “normal use”…what the hoopsters – huligans - of the world would consider normal anyway!

After the six month period I will look at it and give you an estimate for repairs.

Upgrades will be happening periodically, (mostly to increase the interactivity) and you can info on those through the web site. You pay for the postage and I can upgrade the hoop for a custom price.

Please be advised that I have a patent pending on these hoops.

December 2006

Patrick Deluz