I am offering a 6 month warranty on the psi-ko-hoop from the date of purchase. The hoops are tested thoroughly before shipping. If there is obvious damage to the hoop when it arrives please notify me immediately at merlin@psihoops.com or 619 921 3544 and we will sort it out with the mail carrier. For other problems, you should keep your receipt and it will be easier if you have the original box.

The warranty is supposed to cover defects in workmanship, materials and design, and not extreme or inappropriate use. Not following the instructions in terms of weatherproofing, care of the hoop, opening and closing the hoop, charging the hoop, and so forth, voids the warranty.

Cracks in the tubing will not be covered, unless they are present at the time of receiving the hoop. To crack this PP tubing usually requires cold weather and a lot of force. If you do forceful pinch reversals when the tubing is cold (below around 50 degrees), or drop the hoop onto concrete when its cold, or step on the hoop with shoes, etc… you can put minute stress fractures in the tubing, and then at a later time when you are just hooping normally, the hoop can crack.  But in warm conditions and without extreme force, the tubing will last for years.  Sunlight will also degrade the tubing and make it more brittle, so if you leave the hoop outside for long periods, the tubing will crack easier and not be so responsive to your movement and touch.

I will replace tubing for $55 as long as the connector area is not damaged.

If the connector area of the hoop is damaged, it may have damaged the sensors, master board, connections to the switch and USB and that could be an expensive repair, could amount to $150 or more.

You will have to pay the shipping back to me, but I will repair the hoop for free provided that you:

  • Haven’t obviously abused the hoop by bending it too far, twisting it in half or squashing it with something, stepping on it with shoes, immersing it in water, leaving it in a sun-baked car and so forth
  • Haven’t removed the connector at either end of the tubing.
  • Haven’t  broken the USB port by tripping on the wires or yanking  them or forcing the USB port in some way.

i.e  I will repair or replace it for six months if it fails under “normal use,” which certainly includes fast and extreme hooping, if done with awareness and sensitivity.

After the six month period I will look at it and give you an estimate for repairs.

Please be advised that I have a patent on these hoops – patent 8,342,901 and patents pending.

~ Patrick Deluz


The user recognizes that there are certain inherent risks in exercising and playing with a hoop. Please consult with your doctor before engaging in strenuous physical activity.

A hoop is by nature an object that is whirled around, and can also be thrown or spun in the air or on the ground, and if the user loses control of the hoop it can do physical damage to both the user, other people and objects in its path. The user agrees to be completely responsible for any damage incurred as a result of using the Psihoop.

A psihoop, psi-ko-hoop or any other LED hoop could possibly trigger an epileptic event, and due caution is necessary. The closer to the light source the more likely a light pattern is to trigger an epileptic event….but usually the person has to be staring at the light source in order to have this happen. Many light sources, and for example LED hoops, in sync with each other, could also contribute to such an epileptic seizure. Even though one psihoop will not have any settings that should trigger any epileptic event, it is conceivable that there could be a combination of patterns from different sources.

Please be aware of these possibilities and act responsibly. Read, for example http://www.birket.com/technical-library/144#_edn1 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strobe_light and the references from those and warn people in
your audience appropriately.

Psihoops and any of its affiliates cannot take responsibility for any physical, emotional or mental damage that may be attributed to its use. Use at your own risk. Be aware of others around, and the effects of the hoop on them.