Complete PsiHOOP Warranty Information

The warranty covers defects in workmanship, materials, and design. The warranty does not cover extreme or inappropriate use. Not following the instructions in terms of weatherproofing, care of the hoop, opening and closing the hoop, charging the hoop, and any other misuse voids the warranty.

Cracks in the tubing are not covered by the warranty unless they are present at the time of receiving the hoop. Cracks in PP tubing may occur due to cold weather and when great force is applied to the hoop. If you do forceful pinch reversals when the tubing is cold (below or around 50 degrees), or drop the hoop hard onto concrete when it’s cold, or step on the hoop with shoes, or anything similar, you can put minute stress fractures in the tubing. This can eventually cause the hoop to crack–often during apparently normal use.  In warm conditions and without extreme force, the tubing will last for years. Sunlight will also degrade the tubing and make it more brittle. If you leave the hoop outside for long periods of time, the tubing will crack easier and not be as responsive to your movement and touch.

Psihoops will replace tubing for a flat fee of $60 (HDPE and clear medium PP, extra $10 – $30 for specialty tubing) as long as the connector area of the hoop is not damaged. If the connector area of the hoop is damaged, there may be damage to the sensors, master board, or connections to the switch and USB. If this is the case, it could require an expensive repair which could amount to $150 .

Customers will be responsible for shipping cost back to Psihoops in USA. However, repairs to the Psihoop, and return shipping cost will be provided for free if the following conditions apply:

  • The customer hasn’t obviously abused the hoop by bending it too far, twisting it in half, or squashing it with something, stepping on it with shoes, immersing it in water, leaving it in a sun-baked car, and any other number of obvious misuses.
  • The customer hasn’t removed the connector at either end of the tubing.
  • The customer hasn’t broken the USB port by tripping on the wires, yanking them, or forcing the USB port in any way.

Put simply, Psihoops will repair or replace any qualifying Psihoop for six months from delivery date if it fails during normal use. Normal use includes fast and extreme hooping, if done with awareness and sensitivity.

After the 6-month period, customers are welcome to inquire about repair estimates. Psihoops is happy to look at hoops and determine the best next steps.

Psihoops has patents on smart hoops. Patent 8,342,901, 2013/0225037 A1 and 9,370,727 B2  and patents pending.