ABOUT Patrick deluz

He was born in the first half of the previous century. (if that sounds appropriately ancient) Grew up mainly in the country of Brasil, with no electricity; yet with good company, an active imagination, and toys provided mostly by nature – the land, horses, a dog, a swimming pool, a river, the ocean, a stick, and a ball.

So deprived, (of needless things) he found dance as a child, sensual and earthy….and then again in England at Oxford in the late 60s. Officially he was there to study natural sciences, but spent a lot of time playing… and making day-glo Frisbees, luminous table tennis games, and doing his share of psi-chotropics. His favorite psi-power was synaesthesia – the faculty of converting one sense into another, commonly experienced when music generates internal imagery. In the mid-70s, he escaped the social confines of England and explored the more open climate of America, becoming a regular participant and instigator of free dance…the boogie of the bare soul, whose instrument is the whole being…and this led him into hoop land.

2000 he is in Marin County, S-Francisco, and gets into mess painting, (creativity mobilization technique) then everyday boogie jams, then contact improv dance, dancing 6 days a week and sometimes 3 times a day.

2001 His girlfriend buys 2 plastic hoops and says that if they need to process (work through stuff) then that’s how they would do it… by hooping! That was his first experience with a hula hoop. He tried it and could not even spin the hoops for more than a second or two…

2003 While dancing, he sees a performance artist playing with a hoop and doing all kinds of stuff he thought was cool and impossible. He goes looking for hoop material. He is hooked, hooped and happy.

2004 He makes all kinds of hoops, filling them with fluorescent liquids, flashing LEDs, and covering them with leather and all kinds of tape. He makes them small and he makes them big (up to six feet in diameter – those are covered in foam to soften them). He learns to dance with his hoops. Hoopla happens. He is on the trail of the psihoop. He meets the Wizard.