Classic Hoop

The hoop that started it all! First ever LED hoops on the market, copied by many but never equaled! Some of these hoops made in 2006 are still working fine and being used all over the world. The Classic is our original LED hula hoop. This hoop is far more durable than other LED hoops and is simpler than our smart hoops. Want an LED hoop that will last? The Classic is for you. A great entry-level hoop that you can pass on for years to come. Individually handmade and lovingly crafted in the Appalachian mountains, the Classic hoop is an investment in your craft.

High-performance hard polypropylene comes in sizes 29″ – 38″ outside diameter and in 3/4″ tubing width.

Resilient medium polypropylene comes in sizes 17″ – 30″ outside diameter and in 5/8″ tubing width.

Shatterproof high-density polyethylene comes in sizes 17″ – 30″ outside diameter and in 5/8″ tubing width.

These hoops are highly customizable! Please see our custom ordering page if you would like your Classic hoop customized.

Please note: The Classic Hoop is not a smart hoop. It is an LED hula hoop. The LEDs are set to their patterns (steady, fading, strobing, color scheme) and are not user controlled. All sizes are measured by the outer diameter of the hoop.

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