How to sync multiples (my 2 favorite ways):

We are starting this page on 26 Feb 2017.

These videos are made by users of the psikohoop.  Hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to learn more, to practice, play and perform with your hoop.  Psihoops and Merlin cannot guarantee the info is all 100% but if in doubt, please email and see the tutorial sections and booklet for more info.


NOTE some of the simpler video tutorials are toward the bottom of this page….scroll on down!

If you have a video to contribute, comments and feedback on any video, or ideas for what you would like to do, please email merlin.


Amanda  Flow Kitten:
How to do a global reset.  NOTE:  this will clear all your customizations of any hoops, quivers and all your saved hoops.  You could upload your saved hoops to computer first.  See the advanced tutorial pages.

Locking/ unlocking a pattern:

How to sync multiples (my 2 favorite ways):



Amanda Palisi, August 2017:

I have added some new psikohoop videos to my youtube page! They are just simple videos of myself scrolling through patterns in the different packs of hoops in the 9 O’clock quiver! Eventually I want to have a full collection of videos like these to give examples of what patterns people can expect to get loaded onto the hoop!





I did also film the first 2 pack of hoops but it was still pretty light and less visible so i will redo those when I do more! 🙂

Amanda Palisi  July 2017


Instagram: @theflowkitten
YouTube: Flow Kitten
Facebook: Flowkitten



Amanda Palisi    June 2017


Instagram: @theflowkitten
YouTube: Flow Kitten
Facebook: Flowkitten

Flowkitten in action




Instagram: @theflowkitten
YouTube: Flow Kitten
Facebook: Flowkitten




Demo video by Jul in Israel, with psikohoops
facebook :


from Swirlesque, May 1 2017  using a psikohoop:

A fundamental aspect of hip-hop dancing is isolation, which is at the root of waving. Isolation is also (or can be) a major part of hoop dancing. Here is a little demo of some of the ways I’ve been trying to combine these two forms of isolation. The audio is an extract of a track by Sorrow: ‘Gallows Hill’, from the album ‘Dreamstone’. It’s not hip-hop, but hey.


We filmed a figure skating video, we filmed a hoop video… So now we filmed both at once!
Music: Marian Hill – Down
Performed by: Jamie:

video by: Rodney Hooks Jr

hoops by: psihoops



from Shyla at Shyhoopz  Feb 2017

A second video from Shyla:  getting into compose mode (NOTE: this is a bit advanced and we suggest playing in the other modes and quivers first, and getting comfortable with signal moves and flips and all the basics, before getting too far into compose).


from Kayla March 8 2017:


a video showing saving a hoop and then finding it in the saved quivers