The new psikohoop.


NOTE: This hoop is new technology, and all menus and control of the hoop displays are navigated with movements.  Some people will thoroughly enjoy this, but it takes a while to master, and the learning curve can be steep, especially if you want to dig into the more advanced features.

It is possible to get frustrated/annoyed etc – so be aware of this before purchasing.

For the simple actions of turning the hoop on and off, accessing different “quivers” of hoops, changing from one hoop to another in a quiver…these can be mastered in a few minutes or perhaps an hour.  To fully master this instrument and its more advanced controls, however, might take months, so please be advised…… this is somewhat like learning to play a simple musical instrument, and no matter how good a hooper you are, there will be plenty to learn and many hours of practice in order for you to effortlessly control the functions of the hoop and use them expressively in your dance.

The psi-ko-hoop is customizable and interactive, so even  if you get the same size, tubing type and color as someone else, each hoop will have a unique look when in use.

You do have some choices when ordering, the main one being the overall diameter of your psi-ko-hoopThe tubing type (PP or HDPE) is also a choice and you can choose a medium stiff PP or the regular harder PP.  The hoops will look very similar when lit, no matter what tubing they are in. The PP is slightly more translucent than the HDPE though I sand the inside the PP tube (the part where all the LEDs and batteries and computers are, all the way around inside) so that the PP disperses the LED light more fully.


You can choose the overall size of your hoop (measured from outside edges) – usually from 24 to 37 inches. You will probably be doing more hand based movements with the psikohoop than a regular hoop, so go for the smallest diameter you are comfortable with. You also need to be able to spin the hoop on your waist and chest – so don’t go too too small.  Be comfortable.

Its not easy to change the diameter once the hoop is made. Even to make it smaller may require completely taking the hoop apart, and then re-assembling. At least an hour’s work, and pricey. Making it larger will require getting a whole new hoop…so please make sure of your size preference.

If you want to be more accurate with the sizing then please give your preferred diameter and also the circumference – by measuring with a cloth tape measure tightly and carefully all the way around the outside of your hoop.

Because of the nature of the LED strip we can only make increments of 2/3rds inch diameter, so you may get lucky and we can make the exact size you want or you may have up to a 2/3 inch variation on that – so please also specify whether you would prefer larger or smaller, if we cant get the exact size. Usually we will be within half an inch of your requested diameter. The way to indicate whether you prefer slightly larger or smaller than your requested size is with a + or – sign next to the size.

We could try to make a slightly smaller than 27” hoop or a larger than 37” hoop  – so you can email us at with those requests and we will discuss it.

See the section below this one as well, for a discussion on differences in tubing.

The hard PP tubing is best between 28 to 37 inches.

The medium PP tubing is best between 24 to 34 inches.

The HDPE tubing is best between 29 and 35 inches. HDPE is not recommended below 29″, because the twist connector becomes difficult to handle.

You could even make a 38 or 39 inch (or larger) hoop from the hard PP tubing but it will be a bit squishy and more wobbly (ie if you stand the hoop up on the floor and then look down on it, it wont be completely flat) but will still hoop fine. Before ordering larger size hoops please make sure you can comfortably do a flip move.  (See the introductory tutorial videos – the second video down on that page and 1 minute 45 seconds in)



  1. Hard high performance polypropylene (PP) in natural clear
  2. Medium PP
  3. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Hard Polypropylene is the most responsive tubing (transfers most energy and momentum from the body into the hoop movement).  However it can crack if stressed to the max in the cold.  The colder it is the easier it is to crack.  You could start with micro cracks you can hardly see and then later on they can spread until the tubing shatters or cracks in half. So a crack in the tubing can mean the end of the hoop.

PP is also the clearest tubing so will give you slightly more definition of the LEDs (you will see individual lights more and the whole tubing less). You can have it sanded and the diffusion increased if you like (see the choices under “diffusion”). If you are a hoop performer looking for the maximum responsiveness and performance of your hoop, then this is the first choice.

Note that I have had many hoops, both of my own and hundreds that I have sold, made from PP that have never cracked. But most of my own hooping is done indoors and for the majority of the time I lived in southern California which is a weather-free zone…

The medium PP is not quite so liable to crack as the hard PP.  The medium has a little more elasticity, it’s a little softer and not quite as responsive. But these differences are quite slight and so may not be a factor in your hooping.

The HDPE wont crack in the cold. Its not quite as responsive as the PP but if you are often hooping outside in the cold then it may be your best bet. Its more opaque than the PP and diffuses the lights well. On the downside it can kink if you step on it, slam it in a car door or hit it fast against a sharp edge, including a shin bone etc.  But a kink can be somewhat repaired by squeezing the tube, and is usually not fatal to the hoop.

TRACTION: Please request when ordering whether you would like me to sand on the inside edge of the tubing.  Can be fine or coarse. Normal is 80 grit and then finish with 120.  If you would like to do this yourself so you have more control, just ask for no sanding and for us to include sandpaper.

NOTE: the button switch and logo are in various colors. As yet there is no choice of switch color.

Hoop comes standard with:

  • Charger
  • USB cable for charger and to connect to computer.
  • iF YOU REQUEST – Strips of sandpaper to get you started if you want to add traction (inside edge) or diffusion (outside edge).
  • Short section of 1” tubing that protects the switch from being activated in transit or shipping or travel. Best to keep this for when you travel with the hoop or want to protect it from being turned on accidentally and wasting charge.
  • 40 page booklet with photos and diagrams to cover all the basic functions of the psikohoop. Plus 3 laminated color sheets of diagrams to cover all the basic functions/controls of the psikohoop
  • Links on the web site to over 20 tutorials and demo videos and instruction documents etc.

If you like you could order:

  • Extra charger $8
  • Extra USB cable $4