ABOUT Ryan Deluz

Ryan Deluz wrote the code for the Psikohoop, translating Merlin’s vision into reality, and helping to create this hoop as a fully interactive instrument. Ryan generated most of the hoop displays, the menu navigation, many of the signal moves, most of the bitmaps, and so on.

He is the founder of Somatic Vision, Inc. Utilizing his background in biofeedback, his degree in biology, as well as his computer programming and digital art expertise, he invented and patented the innovative Alive feedback software platform. He enjoys helping people increase their personal growth and performance skills in fun ways. Hooping is one of these ways.

Ryan also enjoys aikido, free dance, contact improv dance, capoeira, kiteboarding, and a variety of other sports. He makes his home in Israel, with his wife and two children (who also enjoy the Psikohoop).

Ryan brings his skill and insight, from the fusion of biology and computer programming and his experience in biofeedback design/programming, into his creativity with the functions of the Psikohoop.

Merlin is most profoundly proud and happy to call him Son!