Intermediate 9a Compose Mode Overview1

psikohoop intermediate level tutorial: an introduction to compose mode

0:00 turning the hoop on in compose mode. Confirmation signals. The first hoop is a rainbow

0:40 using wheel turns and flips in compose mode. Difference in wheel turn function from other orientations.

1:00 1st screen in compose mode is color screen.

2:15 side flip in 1st screen alters way the color scheme is displayed

2:30 locking and unlocking a hoop in compose mode

4:35 using the white screen to play in (wheel turn doesn’t change anything in white screen)

4:55 SAVE a hoop from the white screen in compose mode

5:30- 7:15 playing with wheel turns and hooping freely in compose mode, then changing values with isolations/wheel turns

7:20 flip to second screen/yellow indicator/segment patterns k

8:35 flip to third screen/green indicator/varying effects

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